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Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu epub

Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu. Bucksam Kong

Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu

ISBN: 9780897500876 | 159 pages | 4 Mb

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Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu Bucksam Kong
Publisher: Black Belt Communications

Our style of Shaolin Hung Kuen Kung Fu is a traditional system descended from the Shaolin Temple in China, considered to be one of the most powerful of the traditional styles. Years later, a homesick Wong Yan Lum returned to Guangdong with the intention of opening a Kung-Fu school and teaching others the art of Lama Pai. SAyHI: Devised by Shaolin monks, this form, one of the most beautifully effective elements in hung gar kung fu, combines the power of the tiger and the deceptive agility of the crane. What got me interested in the Hung Gar Style was the old 70′s and 80′s Shaw Brothers movies. Our style encompasses the five elements of nature (earth, fire, water, wood, and metal) and also five animals (tiger, crane, snake, leopard and dragon). Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library Tiger and Crane Double FormTraditional technique of Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kuen inherited from the past and handed down by Lam Sai Wing. Many of our Hung Kuen (Gar) is suitable for all, regardless of ones race, religion, age, sex, or physical ability. Where martial tradition meets modern warfare. A while ago I was asked by a friend (who is into kung fu in a big way) to identify the location used in the short film embedded below. He decided to issue and open challenge to any martial artists in the area and boasted that “ none could Lama Pai techniques are evident in both the Tiger Crane form and the 5 Animal/5 Elements forms of Hung-Ga. Hung Gar Kung Fu - The Tiger Crane Form starring Chiu Chi Ling.

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